How It Works


Great! You found the page to learn all about how you can get your hands on some SugarDrop Candy!

We are a baby company.  This means that we can only sell in California at this time.

 At this time, transactions in CA have to be made “hand-to-hand”.  This means that we have to personally deliver your order.  No mail & No online sales!! If you are located in Northern California/SF Bay Area this will be easy to make happen! Delivery’s or pick-ups can be arranged.  We will also be attending vendor events throughout the Bay Area.  These events will make it easy for pick-ups & shopping in person.  So keep checking our “Events” section year-round  or Follow Us on Facebook to see where we’ll be!!

 If you are farther away, it can still happen…it may just take some work on both our ends.

Once you are ready to place an order, contact us via email or phone with the order.  We can then discuss all of the details to make sure that your order is complete!

Contact us for more details & any questions!!

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