The SugarDrop Candy Story!


My name is Rhiannon and I wanted to share the story of my little candy company!

SugarDrop Candy was inspired in 2015 by a trip to the Dominican Republic.  My oldest child was invited to study abroad in the D.R..  As a way to fund the trip I came up with the idea to make Glass Candy to sell to our family & friends.  It was a hit!  A big hit!!  Later that year, our family vehicle of 14 years bit the dust and, as a single parent, I needed funds QUICK to replace it…Glass Candy to the rescue again!

The joy & love that I felt from making this candy was something that I never wanted my little family to be without.  What was even better was the smiles it brought to so many.  I brainstormed with my 4 children & decided to make SugarDrop Candy our new family business!  The road has been slow but we are so excited to share the sweetness with you & your family!

Please have fun taking a looking through the website. DON’T FORGET to read the “How It Works” post BEFORE contacting SugarDrop Candy with an order!

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